Podiatry Services

We provide:

  • Computer Gait Analysis
    Utilising numerous premium video software packages we are able to record and view footage at various speeds and frame by frame images. This allows careful and accurate assessment to assist with diagnosis along with patient education. Objective comparison may then also be  made following treatment interventions.

    This assessment of entire lower limbs mechanics, and upper body if appropriate, can be conducted with the individual carrying out their chosen activity be it running, walking and cycling. Such assessments may be placed on disc for other practitioners to also view.


Digital Gait Analysis


  • Biomechanical assessment
    Assessment of muscle and joint range of motion and strength. This provides the basis for treatment plans and direction to address causal factors to injury and performance.


  • Footwear Prescriptions
    Using side by side video images accurate measurement and assessment can compare various footwear models to determine the most effective foot function outcome. There are so many shoes available on the market.
    We can objectively prescribe THE correct shoe for you.
  • Sports Podiatry
    From mums and dads who walk, to children who play football, soccer and netball. Elite to amateur runners, triathletes and professionals.


  • Orthotic Therapy
    Prescribed shoe inserts to improve foot function.
    This may include customised functional orthoses. These are the product of thorough individual assessment and digital 3D foot scan mapping, with an array of flexible and comfortable materials ensuring the highest standard of comfort and task specific function